Many patients are surprised to learn that most orthopedic surgeries performed at Southern Oregon Orthopedics are done on an outpatient basis. Numerous research studies have shown patients recover better at home and are happier when able to check out sooner following a procedure.

The advanced orthopedic specialists at Southern Oregon are highly trained and specialized in shoulder, foot, knee, hip, spine and joint replacement surgeries. The combination of these specialized approaches along with the practice’s philosophy on multimodal pain management and efficient check-in and check-out protocols make the outpatient surgery experience exceptional for all our patients who qualify.

Other benefits of outpatient surgery include:

Reduced risk of infection: Multiple studies have proven that patients have a reduced risk of getting a hospital acquired infection due to the shorter stay.

Money and Time Savings: Depending on your type of insurance, your procedure could be performed at a surgery center. Hospital charges are typically 3x higher than an outpatient surgery center.  This could have a significant impact on your out-of-pocket costs. Also, the time spent at an outpatient surgery center is much less.

Recovery At Home: Being able to recover in the comfort of your own home is not only more enjoyable but proven to provide a faster surgical recovery. Not having to spend the night in the hospital makes the experience less stressful for most patients.

Use of state-of-the-art surgical techniques: Same day surgery is made possible due to advances in anesthesia and less invasive surgery which allow for better pain control and surgical outcomes.

Quicker recovery: When recovering at home, patients tend to actively participate in their own recovery which is especially important for restoration of range of motion and decreased pain and stiffness.

Although the majority surgeries are performed as outpatient at Southern Oregon Orthopedics, the outpatient experience is not for everyone. Patients with complicated medical histories may not qualify. It is also important for the patient to have sufficient family or social support at home and have realistic expectations of some pain and discomfort despite reasonable pain-relief strategies. Our doctors carefully consult with each patient with a thorough history, physical examination, and review of imaging studies to determine what will work best for them.

Consult the orthopedic specialists at Southern Oregon Orthopedics to find out if you might be a candidate for same day surgery. Call us at 541-779-6250.

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