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What are presurgical and postsurgical rehabilitation?

Pre- and postsurgical rehabilitation are physical therapy programs that help you recover before and after an operation. Whether you have an injury like a rotator cuff tear or a disease like arthritis, physical therapy plays an important role both before and after surgical treatment.

When would I need a rehabilitation program?

The team at Southern Oregon Orthopedics may recommend preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation if you have an injury or condition that requires surgical treatment.

Some examples of surgeries that may benefit from rehabilitation before and after the procedure include spine surgery, any type of joint replacement, and arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, or ankle.

What does presurgical rehabilitation involve?

The goal of presurgical rehabilitation is to improve your strength and mobility before surgery. Becoming stronger, healthier, and more flexible before the procedure gives you an advantage when it comes to postoperative recovery. Your body will heal faster, and you can resume normal activities sooner.

During prehab visits, your Southern Oregon Orthopedics provider teaches you what to expect from all phases of surgery, including the procedure itself, the healing process, and the anticipated timeline to return to your preinjury level of activity.

Then a licensed physical therapist thoroughly evaluates your condition and determines the appropriate type and amount of exercise for you to perform before surgery.

What does postsurgical rehabilitation involve?

Postoperative rehabilitation helps you heal faster after surgery. The goal is to achieve a rapid recovery by restoring normal functioning through a holistic approach.

The rehabilitation team at Southern Oregon Orthopedics employs various techniques, including:

  • Stretching and strengthening exercises

  • Stability exercises

  • Manual therapies such as massage and soft tissue mobilization

  • Teaching proper movement patterns and correcting imbalances

They may also recommend appropriate gear to correct biomechanical imbalances, such as specially designed running shoes for foot and ankle injuries.

In addition to working with you on-site, your physical therapist may recommend exercises and stretches to perform at home for ongoing care.

To get started on a presurgical and postsurgical rehabilitation plan, call Southern Oregon Orthopedics or request an appointment online today.

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