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Decisions about your health are very important. Shoulder pain is no different. In fact, shoulder pain has a substantial impact on one’s quality of life from simple activities to ability to sleep. You should therefore feel informed and comfortable about your shoulder care. If you would like to obtain an evaluation of your shoulder, Dr. Denard is a shoulder specialist who is happy to help whether it is a first evaluation or a second opinion.

In the case of a first evaluation it is important to know that most major insurance companies do not require a referral for you to get straight to an orthopedic expert.

Many patients like to have a “second opinion” about their shoulder. A second opinion is when another physician provides an evaluation to confirm the problem (diagnosis) or determine if there is another problem that was not previously recognized. This is common practice in medicine and very few physicians object to their patients getting another opinion.
In fact, in today’s world it is common for patients seek another opinion they trust or even travel for their medical care. Many patients for instance have been told that their rotator cuff tear cannot be repaired (irreparable), but we have found that with advanced arthroscopic techniques even many massive rotator cuff tears can in fact be improved with an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.

If you would like to obtain an opinion and live in Southern Oregon or Northern California you may simply schedule an appointment. If you live outside of this area, a free shoulder opinion can also be obtained by phone or video conference by simply contacting our office. Your radiographs and/or MRI can be sent to and Dr. Denard will contact you. To schedule an appointment or to get details about an opinion by phone please call us at (541) 608-2595.

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