As Americans continue to worry about rising health care costs, it is very important to consider where to have surgery. According to a recent health tracking poll by KFF, 45% of adults are very worried about being able to afford unexpected medical bills, while 39% are very worried about their ability to cover the cost of healthcare services.

One way to offset some worry and concern is to see a provider who performs surgeries at an outpatient surgery center. Based on some recent research from Patrick Denard, MD, with Southern Oregon Orthopedics et al, costs are substantially reduced in an outpatient surgery center compared to the hospital setting. This also translates to lower costs for patients. More importantly, multiple studies show that complications are similar or even lower in an outpatient surgery center. In summary, outpatient surgery centers are safe and cheaper.

Oregon is one of the more affordable states for healthcare, ranking 43rd out 51 states and territories. The state’s average annual premium for employees with single coverage through employer-provided health insurance is $1,074 and $2,0186.33 is the average annual deductible for employees with single coverage through employer-provided health insurance. North Carolina is the most expensive state in the country for healthcare, with the highest average premium for residents with “plus-one” health insurance coverage through an employer ($4,781 annually).

To alleviate worry over healthcare costs, be proactive. Shop around for the best affordable insurance. Keep in mind that plans from some of the larger health insurance companies may not be tailored appropriately for your health needs and risks. No matter what health plan you choose, NOT investing in health insurance is a risk that could certainly impact your financial security.

Although the majority surgeries are performed as outpatient at Southern Oregon Orthopedics, the outpatient experience may not work for everyone. Patients with complicated medical histories may not qualify. Our doctors carefully consult with each patient with a thorough history, physical examination, and review of imaging studies to determine what will work best for them.

Consult our orthopedic specialists to find out if you might be a candidate for same day surgery at our outpatient surgery center. Call us at 541-779-6250 or find us here.