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Late spring through early fall are typically the nicest weather times for hiking on the Oregon Coast. With warmer weather here, outdoor enthusiasts are eager to get outside and explore the beautiful nature trails Southern Oregon has to offer.

When preparing for a hiking adventure, it is important to check weather and road conditions, download trail maps, GPS routes, and check for potential wildfires and travel hazards. The biggest mistake made by hikers is not bringing enough food and water (no matter how long your hike is). It is important to keep energy levels up.

Common Hiking Injuries

Most common injuries happen to the ankles and feet while on the trail. Other common injuries include:

• Ankle Sprains and Fractures
• Knee Pain
• Joint Inflammation
• Plantar Fasciitis

Some Safe Hiking Tips

When already suffering an injury, be certain bring your brace for support
• Start small and choose the proper trail for your fitness level
• Wear thick-soled shoes
• Hike with a friend or in a group
• Have a first aid kit handy
• Stretch before and after your hike

If an injury occurs, stop immediately and assess your situation, and if  it is serious, immobilize the area and call for medical attention. Take is slow if minor. Find a tree branch to use a crutch for support to take the weight off the injury.

When dealing with a non-emergency injury, call our walk-in clinic, or show up without an appointment for orthopedic treatment the same day. The specialists at Southern Oregon Orthopedics provide fast and convenient treatment for many conditions, including broken bones, sprains and strains, dislocations and other injuries like joint pain, tendon injuries, acute back, and neck pain.

The clinic is fully equipped with everything needed to diagnose and treat a wide range of orthopedic injuries. There is an on-site X-ray suite and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner for diagnostic purposes as well as an expert team of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists available to treat sports injuries of athletes. We offer splinting, bracing, fracture care and casting on site.

Avoid the ER, call us at 541-779-6250 or walk into our clinic in Medford today.